Privacy Policy

Collecting and Processing the Data

The 'User' is a natural person involved in the research conducted by MEC with its registered office located at 2B Żaryna street, building D, Warsaw, Poland (hereinafter referred to as "MEC"). Without the user’s agreement, MEC does not collect or store any personal data. Data such as a User’s name, address, email address, phone number or any data that would help identify a given person is not collected by MEC.

Processing and Usage of the Data

MEC identifies research target groups according to socio-demographic criteria and interests. MEC does not attach any sensitive information, such as ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. The research carried out by MEC is only directed at the target groups that correspond with other within that target group. The individual interests of people that take part in this research are not of importance to MEC and are not tracked or recorded. The data stored by MEC is anonymous and standardized within the target group of interest. Only statistical schema are processed with the anonymised data stored within it.

Information Security

Although only anonymous data is processed, all MEC employees responsible for handling the data, have been properly trained and are required to maintain confidentiality prior to the research. In addition, MEC uses technical and organizational security measures to prevent any data manipulation, destruction or loss to third parties.

Usage of Cookies

MEC uses cookies and cached objects. When a given user visits any website that contains MEC advertising, MEC attaches a unique identifier (via cookie or ETag) to the user's browser, e.g. ‘57069’. This way, the browser ‘remembers’ all the user’s interactions with MEC advertisements. It is not possible however, to transfer this identifier to a different browser. Neither MEC nor any third parties, are able to link this identifier with a particular person.

Data / Cookies Options

The user can always choose between several options that prevent either the use of cookies by MEC or any identification, collection and use of information about the user's personal interests in the form of anonymous data.

  • Should the user not agree with the MEC terms of service, and wishes that any of the information collected to perform research about their personal interests be removed from our system, the user should follow the instructions at: http://e-webtrack.net/instruction_en.html
  • In addition, and notwithstanding the above, the user can set the option to block the cookies in the browser. In the Internet Explorer browser this option can be found in: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy
  • Moreover, the behavior of the browser can be controlled via P3P

Processing of personal data

The collection and processing of any personalised data by MEC can only be done in cases with the clear consent and knowledge of the internet user (e.g. an online competition where personal information is captured with terms and conditions accepted). Providing personal data is voluntary, and the user has the right to access and correct any stored personal data. These data are used only for the purpose defined by MEC, which will have been accepted by the user at the time.

Questions or Comments about the Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should contact MEC at: contact@e-webtrack.net. You can address your general questions and comments by e-mail or by mail: MEC, 2B Żaryna street, building D, 02-593, Warsaw.

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